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iPhone Photo Tips

iOS photo tips

With the growing number of passionate photographers and Instagrammers out there the iPhone has become the most popular camera out there. Here we will share some of our favourite photo tips to make the most our of your smartphone photography.

  1. Advanced Shutter button tip - Unknown to many this is a top tip. You can use your headphones connected to your iPhone and use the volume button as a remote shutter release. Makes those awkward selfies easier to capture without your arm in the way!
  2. Exploring camera apps - Sure you are already comfortable with all the features of your native iPhone camera app, but there are hundreds of camera apps available on the app store. Feel free to experiment until you find one or two you are comfortable with. Creative Cloud users could benefit from using Adobe’s Lightroom app for iOS as it syncs with the new Lightroom CC (not to be confused with Lightroom Classic CC). The main advantages of using Lightroom to create your photo is that it allows you to shoot in RAW and syncs with your desktop version still allowing your to edit your photos right on your iPhone in the Lightroom app. Perfect for those quick edits before you wow your friends on Facebook and Instagram. Other favourite editing tools of mine are Snapseed. & Camera+.
  3. Stay still - The true way to make your iPhone pictures stand out from the crowd is to avoid taking those simple snapshots like every tourist and take some time to plan your photograph. Remember, we don't take photographs, we MAKE photographs. Just because you are limited by your sensor size doesn’t mean you need to be limited by your imagination or knowledge of photographic skills. Invest in a small portable tripod that will allow you to shoot at slower shutter speeds. This will open up a number of possibilities you didn’t have when capturing hand held alone. I recently picked up the Truewise tripod (which can be found here ) but have found it so popular it is currently out of stock. (If unavailable here is a viable alternative ). Another tool that I love using instead of a tripod is the 11" Neewer Friction Arm. This handy tool enables you to mount your camera in some of the most difficult places and still get those super sharp shots.
  4. Remember to move your feet. Too often I see iPhone users use the two finger spread to zoom in on their small screens. Unfortunately this is a digital zoom and all that leads to is using even less of the tiny sensor you have available for less sharp photos. If you need to get closer, get closer. 

Do you have any other favourite iPhone tips to offer? If so leave your tip in the comments below.